Don't leave your
employees adrift

Give them tools to understand &
address potential health issues.

Not all illness is visible

Many people struggling with substance use or mental health issues are high-functioning and maintain employment. Prevalence of such employees in a workplace can be costly. Lost productivity from substance use-related illness exceeds $100B a year.1 Health costs for employees with substance use disorders are almost double those of other employees.2

Check Yourself is a health risk assessment that helps individuals identify any issues they may have with sleep, stress, mental health, and alcohol or substance use disorders. Check Yourself provides customized reports to individuals with their status as well as suggestions tailored to their readiness to make changes. Employees can respond honestly with the knowledge that their answers are confidential. You can support your workforce with aggregate reports and prevent problems before they occur.

Keep rates of absenteeism, presenteeism, sickness, and employee turnover low by understanding the risks your workforce faces. Workers in recovery are less likely to miss work, need to see a doctor, or be hospitalized.3 A conservative estimate of the return on every dollar spent on employee assistance programs can range from $3 - $9.4 This is money well-spent.

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